What to do when your life sucks

Do you ever have one of those days (or weeks, or months, or years, or lives) where everything seems to be going wrong? I do, all the time. So often in fact that I wonder how it is physically possible for so many things to be wrong all at once. Maybe, I tell myself, my life isn’t going wrong but rather my life is so good that even the most minor inconvenience feels terrible, but I do not actually think that is the case.

As you know Thanksgiving was the other day. I like many others made the pilgrimage (LOL pilgrim pun) back to my hometown for the long weekend. This is where my life starts to tank. The drive down was fine, 3 hours instead of an hour and a half but still fine. The trouble arose when I went to drive on one of the back roads and a tractor-trailer ran me to the edge of the road where the road then fell out from underneath of my car, yeah. THE FUCKING ROAD FELL OUT FROM UNDERNEATH OF MY CAR and created a pothole. This hole gave me a flat tire, but I was on a single lane road with no shoulder. So I pulled off into the safest patch of dirt and proceeded to take a look. My tire was free of holes, but definitely flat. So, my dad came to help me out. Here is where the patch of dirt was not so great; as we tried to jack up my car it just kept sinking and sinking into the damp ground and it took over an hour in the freezing cold to replace my tire with the spare. But that was not the end of my trouble. After inspecting my tires, my dad found that the tire is fine but my rim was bent and my car is now in need of alignment. My dad straightened the rim and my car is “fixed” temporarily but today my check engine light came on. Great. Of Course I own a 2009 Volkswagen Eos meaning that not only do I have expensive European parts, my car is also not very common so finding used parts is next to impossible.

Now, my beloved baby is wobbly and has her check engine light on. This will be fun (read expensive) to fix.If my car were the worst of my troubles, I would not have titled my post so dramatically. Alas, there is more. Over the weekend I found out that my father somehow has allowed his health insurance to lapse. This is no issue for him, but I am only 20 and in college so I too am on his insurance. Which means come December 1st I don’t have insurance until February. Guess who had a fucking doctor’s appointment scheduled for December 6th. This girl. I was supposed to meet with my endocrinologist to discuss how my new thyroid treatment is going. That means I needed blood work to be done one week in advance of my appointment. So, I rescheduled for Friday and skipped class to go in today and get my blood drawn. On my way my check engine light came on which should have been a sign as to how this was going to go.

person getting his blood check

As it turns out, one of the blood tests I needed requires that it be done in the morning and I would have to fast. I had not yet eaten, but I did not get into the lab until 2pm. This meant that I skipped class and drove about an hour to the office only to be instructed to come back in the morning the next day. FML. Also, I now have to stress that my test results will not be ready before my appointment. Yes, I know that I do not have to stress. But, yes I do.

Additionally, I have a fucking math test on Wednesday and I am not prepared!!

What should you do when your life sucks? Idk. But, so far having a good cry, shrieking profanities in the car, taking a deep breath and taking a nap have done nothing to help the sinking feeling that I am fucked. And I am still going to fail this class and have to spend hundreds of dollars on my car and will most likely get somewhat bad news from the doctor on Friday.


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