Would starting a Youtube channel just be a cry for attention?

Here I am sitting in my Economics class the day before Thanksgiving break starts (and by break I mean 3 days without classes). The classroom is practically empty. The faint coughs from the back of the room are echoed by a man aggressively clearing his throat in the front.

Why is it that I only hear men clearing their throats? Are they going to stand up and perform an acapella song? Why else would you need to clear your throat in the middle of a lecture?

All good questions, but back to my lecture.

My professor is a peppy sandy blond woman. I like her. She does character voices when going through scenarios and gets excited about chapter topics. Today, shes wearing one of her more basic outfits: over-sized white sunglasses with black polka dots (indoors), her hair is dyed a faint pink on the tips,  she wears dangly saucer earrings, and a plain denim top with leggings and knee high black boots. Sadly, as much as I like her personality, I have a hard time following her in class and end up studying on my own. I know what you’re thinking: “well maybe if you didn’t type your blog post that literally nobody will read while she lectures, then maybe you would learn.” To that I say, shut up imaginary internet people; I have given her a chance and this is the first time I’ve distracted myself during her lecture.

auditorium benches chairs class
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What does this have to do with Youtube and my constant desire for attention?

Welllll, lately I have been very stressed about one thing in particular. My math class! Right now, I have about a C- in the class, which is still technically passing. But, I still have 2 more exams and some of my less than awesome quiz grades have yet to be uploaded. in order to actually pass the class I would need to pull a hail Mary and score an average of around a B- on both my final and my third “mid-term” test. Sounds reasonable except I have gotten a 66% on both of my previous tests.

“This still does not connect to youtube!” I’m getting there.

If I do not pass this class, I have decided to drop Economics as a major. I know that seems really extreme. Like, “really you’re just going to give up?” Yes I am! Because if I do not give up, it will take me like an extra year to graduate and every class will just be a very expensive uphill climb until I get my degree.

mokup smartphone technology phone
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Which brings me to Youtube.

I think it might be cool to sort of document my failure (or possible success) and let people know that like it is okay to stumble. My videos would be about lots of things: managing my hypothyroidism and balancing school work, study methods, working some fun into everyday life, and so much more.

I don’t know though, because the channel will probably be like this blog and have zero viewership because I am not super willing to promote my content to my friends on social media and  do not really know how to market my stuff otherwise.


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